The Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival (AICLS) is a non-profit entity founded in 1992. Its mission is to assist California Indian communities and individuals in keeping their languages alive. The Board of Directors of AICLS is all Native, representing the diversity of California’s indigenous and linguistic communities, along with Leanne Hinton as a consulting board member, and Marina Drummer who is administrator. The Board of AICLS believes that although documentation of endangered languages is important, its main goal is the development of new speakers. Yet linguistic documentation provides the means for language revitalization, especially when there are no speakers left to learn from. AICLS’ programs work on multiple fronts to both strengthen languages still spoken natively, and for those whose languages have no native speakers, to share ways to bring their languages back to life through existing documentation.

Through our programs, uniquely fit to serve California Indian communities, we aim to foster and strengthen California Indian languages.

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