This year, we are partnering with the Nuumu Yadoha Language Program, an extension of the Owens Valley Career Development Center (OVCDC) as we work together to coordinate the Language is Life Gathering 2017. Our purposes, to revitalize and sustain California Indian languages, align with each other and what better way to show each other support than to work together as a team? The Nuumu Yadoha Language Program serves 6 California counties, and works towards preservation and revitalization of the Indigenous language to those counties.

The NYLP is assisting us with registration, staffing and technical needs, while we are working diligently behind the scenes with the venue and program planning. We are sure that, with this partnership, the Language is Life Gathering 2017 is sure to be a well-coordinated success!

We have entered a partnership that will help both of our organizations to reach our goals, whether through partnership, cultural awareness, or outreach, the ultimate goal is the same, families learning language together.

We would like to give a big Thank You to the Nuumu Yadoha Language Program!!