Call For Presentations

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Fill out the form that is relevant to the type of presentation(s) that you would like to give at Language is Life 2017. Also, you must hit the SUBMIT button after completing each section of the form.

Ideas for Presentations For Your Consideration:

1. A Community Report:

Suggested: News about the language pods, classes and gatherings in your home area. (15 minutes per presenter.) Reminder: Many gathering attendees are seeking insights and inspiration to bolster their own work at home. Your stories can be the spark to help others solve problems and move their language programs forward.

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2. Organized Panels:

We are inviting you to join one of the panel discussions described below. Recommended panels are listed here. Please check the discussion topic you will be presenting.

FAMILY LANGUAGE PANEL (Present ways in which you are using your language in the home.)

MASTER–APPRENTICE PANEL (Present the ways in which your Master–Apprentice team stays in the language and provides speaking experience for the apprentice. How do you encourage each other to speak and use your language? How do you measure your own progress?)

BREATH OF LIFE PANEL (Many of you have participated in the Breath of Life programs in California or in Washington D.C. We are eager to hear of your experiences, and to see your language projects. How has Breath of Life helped in the revitalization of your particular language?)

YOUTH PANEL (This panel seeks young people to present about how they are engaged in the learning and speaking of their Native languages. We encourage young people to share their experiences with working with elders, with each other, and tools they have acquired or invented to stay in the language.)

Check the Panel you will join

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Special Equipment or other needs


Create You Own Panel or Unique Workshop!

Is there a specially focussed panel that you would like to see. Why not organize it yourself! Some possibilities are: social media and internet pros and cons; recent teaching methods and trends; physical fitness, nutrition, and cultural foods panel. The possibilities are limitless.

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Workshops are often hands-on and they provide attendees practical experience at learning methods to acquire their languages. Some possible subjects are: Games promoting language development; total physical response examples; where are my keys?

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