Vincent Medina (Chochenyo Ohlone)

Vincent Medina (Ohlone)

Chochenyo (East Bay) Ohlone

‘iššetekam makkam!

kaanak raakat Vince Medina. kaana halkin, saklan, napa, ‘ayye  ‘ilamne ṭaareš. kaana ‘iniš te-Tina Medina ‘at Vince Medina, Sr. kaanak hityupe ‘ek-nuunu ohlone ‘ayye ‘ek-noono holše ‘i-raakat čočenyo. kaanak ‘ukšeere te-k ‘amham. ‘ayye kaanak ‘ukšeere AICLStak.

Vincent Medina, Chochenyo Ohlone, works to revitalize his culture in a holistic and all encompassing manner, by learning his language from documentation, connecting with traditional foods and gathering methods, and melding those with the modern identity of his community. He hopes to see a full revival of Ohlone cultural practices.

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  • Hello, Mr. Medina!

    My name is Elena Mujica, and I am a senior at Los Altos High School, organizing a day trip for students to become more aware of the local environment and Native American culture in the area. While looking for contacts, Halimah Van Tuyl with the Juana Briones exhibit referred me to you.

    To give a little more background on this event: This April, I went to Hawaii with a few other biology-minded students to do field research on corals, plants, and soil bacteria, and while we were doing conservation work in the Limahuli Gardens, our guide taught us about the concept of biocultural preservation: preserving the culture of a place to protect its biodiversity and vice versa. Understanding how biology and culture are intertwined made me much more aware and respectful of the land we were working on. I would love to share that awareness with students at LAHS, allowing them to connect with the beautiful land that we have here in the Bay Area, understand the Native American culture that is often overlooked, and be more environmentally-conscious.

    I was thinking of working with Grassroots Ecology to do some conservation work at one of their sites near Los Altos, but I do not know much about the Ohlone cultural practices, traditions, or attitudes towards the environment. Would you be willing to send me some resources or meet and discuss this?

    Elena Mujica

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