Vincent Medina (Chochenyo Ohlone)

Vincent Medina (Ohlone)

Chochenyo (East Bay) Ohlone

‘iššetekam makkam!

kaanak raakat Vince Medina. kaana halkin, saklan, napa, ‘ayye  ‘ilamne ṭaareš. kaana ‘iniš te-Tina Medina ‘at Vince Medina, Sr. kaanak hityupe ‘ek-nuunu ohlone ‘ayye ‘ek-noono holše ‘i-raakat čočenyo. kaanak ‘ukšeere te-k ‘amham. ‘ayye kaanak ‘ukšeere AICLStak.

Vincent Medina, Chochenyo Ohlone, works to revitalize his culture in a holistic and all encompassing manner, by learning his language from documentation, connecting with traditional foods and gathering methods, and melding those with the modern identity of his community. He hopes to see a full revival of Ohlone cultural practices.

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