October 11-13, 2019

Wonder Valley Ranch, Sanger, California

Lyn Risling Artwork
Fixing the World by Lyn Risling ©2019

Fixing the Earth in the Year of Indigenous Languages

Our theme for this year’s gathering is Fixing the Earth in the Year of Indigenous Languages. We believe our indigenous languages are a door to understanding our direct impact and relationship with the natural world. We believe our languages have a positive impact on our physical and mental health and our environments.

The year 2019 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Indigenous Languages. The Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival has been honored to represent our little part of the world in this global effort to raise awareness to political leaders and encourage discussion on helping endangered indigenous languages to survive the onslaught of language domination. English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and other languages are the dominating linguistic force that is unwittingly, and often wittingly, to destroy the indigenous languages of the world. AICLS has been fighting this good fight for 30 years and more–and we hope to continue for years to come!

Artist Lyn Risling (Karuk-Yurok-Hupa) created an image that depicts caring for, nurturing of and blessings from the Earth, by current and future generations with an undying dedication to restoring their particular indigenous languages.

Community Reports

The Language is Life Gathering is a great place to share the language revitalization activities happening in your area. Click HERE if you and/or your group wish to present a 10 – 20 minute presentation.



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Location: Wonder Valley Ranch, Sanger, California

3 women similing
2017 Language Is Life Gathering.

Come join fellow California Native advocates and families dedicated to gaining the ability to speak using their ancestral languages. The event includes native leaders involved in the language revitalization movement, attend workshops to gain new skills and best practices to learn and teach your languages, create a network of new like-minded friends who have rediscovered the beauty of their languages.

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Short report from the 2017 Language Is Life Gathering

The gathering this year was a rousing success. Tribal community researchers, some seasoned researchers and some new to archives, collaborated with linguists and graduate students, learning the ins-and-outs of the major archives on the campus that house materials relating to our California Indian languages. Stale, dusty archives were transformed into vibrant sources of amazing cultural knowledge as 77 members of 27 different tribal groups began viewing materials collected from their ancestors 100+ years ago. It was emotional and highly motivating for them as they pursue their language revitalization goals back in their homelands throughout California.