Master Apprentice Program (MAP)

Elder fluent speakers team up with younger adult apprentices to engage in 10-20 hours per week of activities using their language together.

During the program year the teams attend intensive trainings in immersion-style methods of language learning and teaching.

Between training, the teams return to their home communities to work together using our book “How To Keep Your Language Alive” (Heyday Books) for inspiration, and assisted further with telephone mentoring and visits from AICLS mentors.

The ultimate goal of the Master Apprentice Program is to produce enough new speakers so that communities can develop their own unique strategies for the renewed use and transmission of Indian languages.


Apply for the Master Apprentice Program:

Applicants apply as a team. Each member of the team must fill out and submit the application form and also attend a training and assessment before their application will be considered. 

 Applicants are considered for acceptance into the program according to the order in which they have completed these requirements. (If several applicants attend the same training, they will be considered in the order that they submitted their applications.) Note that even accepted applicants may have to be put on a waiting list if we do not have sufficient funding.