Master Apprentice Program (MAP)

Apprentice Monthly Report

Each month, the apprentice will write a progress report and send it to :


P.O. Box 26357,

Fresno, CA 93729

or send by email to

This report can take any form you like. It can be informal and short, and should be sent in even if you haven’t completed the monthly hours.

It should summarize what you’ve been doing together and progress you have been making (or not making – feel free to talk about problems, this is how we learn.)

If you’ve been writing notes each time you have gotten together, you could send copies of those if you like.

Since you are mostly on your own, this report is our only way of seeing how you are doing, and what kind of help you might need. So it is very important that we receive these monthly reports.


MAP Report Form Here (downloadable and fillable): MAP Team Report Form

Online Report Form Here: Online Form